what is dienne ingegneria

Vincenzo Di Nella

Dienne Ingegneria s.r.l. is a service company founded by Vincenzo Giovanni Di Nella, which brings together the experience and skills of many other professionals with a view to providing services to firms, public bodies and private companies in many sectors of engineering and architecture.

Even though only recently established, the Firm has staff members and associates with many years of experience in their profession, who have often worked together in the past. That is the case of the friendship between the two senior partners ⎯ engineer Vincenzo Di Nella himself and engineer Yves Joseph Risi ⎯ which started more than twenty years ago when both, the former with the Technical Division and the latter with Design, were working on the building of important infrastructures, like the underpass connecting the Port of Olbia with the external road system, which was followed by the final urban building work, completely transforming the image of Gallura’s chief town at the beginning of the third millennium.

The alliance created at that time - and favoured by their shared professional training which, for both of them, consisted of years of work for the Studio Italtecno of Prof. V. De Benedetti, Eng. - grew stronger during other infrastructure, civil and industrial operations. Although he has never turned his back on his design skills, Vincenzo Di Nella is an expert in managing and running a site as well as in giving technical-legal advice on public contracts. Thanks to his past work as a freelance designer, Yves J. Risi, possesses sound experience in the field of design, particularly structural design.

The work of the two senior partners is backed up by that of their closest associates, who also often have similar pasts and academic careers (like Marco and Augusto Federici), which gives Dienne Ingegneria a versatility of action that is one of its strongpoints in the field of technical services and enables it to cover a wide range of engineering applications.

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