who we are

The Company, established in 2005, grows from the experiences of its various professionals with over two decades of experience in multiple fields of engineering and architecture, working for different companies, public bodies and the private sector.

The company is headed by two senior engineers, who, with the help of their collaborators and related offices, carry out their activity helping public and/or private clients in the capacity of Commissioning Body, as well as General Contractors, construction companies and developers, providing technical consultancy services.


  • Architectural, structural, geotechnical and plant design planning for civil and industrial works
  • Geognostic studies and laboratory tests to define soil types
  • Land surveys
  • Expropriation procedures
  • Work direction and accountancy
  • Statistical and technical-administrative trials
  • Expert reports, static investigations and seismic checks
  • Technical management and work site direction
  • Technical consultancy services for insurance and legal litigation purposes
  • Screening of European Funding


head Office

00195 Roma, Italy • Via Premuda, 18
Tel./Fax +39 06 39 73 44 19